From the grill ….

    • Trio of Sausages


      Trio of Sausages (pork and sage, gamgy, pork and red onion) sweet potato mash, garden peas, ale gravy

    • Smoked gammon steak


      Smoked gammon steak, hand cut chips, garden peas, onion rings, roasted tomato, button mushrooms, egg or pineapple

    • The Bells Burger


      The Bells Burger (beef/lamb and mint/pork and apple/veggie), red onion relish, onion rings, hand cut chips

      (add each topping for £1.00-bacon, Cheddar, Stilton, Brie, egg, mushroom)

    • Steak


      8oz sirloin or ribeye steak, roasted tomato, button mushroom, onion rings, garden peas, hand cut chips

    • Lambs liver


      Pan seared lambs liver, bacon, onions, ale gravy, mash potatoes, garden peas