Live Sports

Whenever live sport can be found on Terrestrial TV, then the Eight Bells pub will be packed to the rafters with excitement and passion. Every year we cheer on all of the teams during the Six Nations rugby union tournament,  sit glued to our seats during the Tennis and enthralled by the athletics. Every four years we show all of the action from the Rugby World Cup, Football World Cup, Olympics and European Championships. 

So whether you want to see some home grown talent, cheer on a specific team, or if you just want to be part of a great atmosphere and watch history being made, then come on down to the Eight Bells. With a warm and friendly atmosphere you can bet the Eight Bells will be a buzz with speculation, tactics and predictions and, if you need the help, we will also no doubt run some competitions and put on some sport themed snacks to help you get in the mood.

Eight Bells Abbotsley live sport. Olympics, six nations, football and tennis on our big screen. Great pub food while you watch the action.